Haas Capital Management LLC

Not Your Everyday Approach to Investment Management

When it comes to investing, there is no sure way to do better than the market. But since our founding, Haas Capital Management has sought to skew the odds in our clients’ favor, with impressive results. These results have been driven by an analytical approach to asset allocation and investment selection, a bias toward minimizing costs, and an agility that comes with our small size. Haas Capital Management offers lower costs and the potential for better performance than firms that invest only in mutual funds.

The intensity of our investment methods require that we accept a select number of investors. Therefore, Haas Capital Management asks that clients begin with a minimum of $250,000 under management.

Rob Haas is the sole principal of Haas Capital Management LLC, and a Registered Investment Advisor. Rob has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (1988), an MBA (2009), 28 patents, and 20 years of “real world” work experience in dozens of states and 3 continents.

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